What is Appmonkeys?


Appmonkeys is a mobile technology company – we build apps for businesses such as APPS FOR SALONS, apps for restaurants,APPS FOR DENTISTS and apps for gyms to provide to their customers.


Why do I need an app for my business?



An app builds customer loyalty and allows you to maintain a relationship with your customers that is not possible via a website, Facebook or Twitter. An app will grow your business, cut your costs and make your business look great.


I don't really get it?!



You don’t have to! Your clients love BUSINESS APPS – we do everything for you, you can sit back and reap the rewards.


Who can benefit from an Appmonkeys app?



Almost any ‘service’ business – If you provide a service to an individual customer. This means salons, restaurants, gyms, spas, golf clubs, bars, opticians, hotels, driving instructors, personal trainers, dentists, doctors, estate agents and many many more!


What is an app?



An app is a software program that runs on a smart phone such as an Apple iPhone or device running Android (Samsung Galaxy, HTC etc). An app is a powerful marketing tool which also helps deliver high levels of client care.


What can I have in my app?


Our apps have a ton of features, push messaging, appointment request, a gallery to name a few.


I have been told that I have to register with Apple for £60 and Google for £25 is that true?



No. We build, host, maintain and take care of all the finer details.


How do I  get started?



When you join Appmonkeys  our  team will contact you for some details (pictures if you have them, prices, business info). Within 10 days we will send you a demo of your app imagery. If you don’t love it, we re-design it until you do. Just call 0207 193 811  to discus your needs, one of our sales team could even pop in to show you if you prefer.


This all sounds very good! Is it expensive?



Definitely Not! After a few years of work and a small fortune in developer costs we have a unique app building system that allows us to drive the cost of building your app  down. Our prices can be as low as £20.00 a month – and we don’t charge ridiculous design and admin fees.



Why no long contracts?



At Appmonkeys, we feel strongly that our customers will be 100% happy with our product, We wont  tie anyone into long contracts. 



I can barely send an email!


We offer full support via telephone (we also provide support via e-mail or online chat for you clever ones)



What hidden costs are there?



None, the price you pay each month includes everything. Design, support, hosting, unlimited  push messages.




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