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So, What Are Business Apps?

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

So how can our product help you?

We call it “Transfer of trust”. By having your brand linked with 2 of the best known brands in the world (Apple & Google) you can leverage the relationship people have with them. Your business app will be available to download from Google play and Apple store.

Once clients or potential clients have your app on their phones they can recommend your app to their social media groups (helping drive referrals), they can access your business information and they can register on your loyalty program along with lots of other great benefits. But so far that’s all for them. What’s in it for you?

When your users have downloaded your app, they are asked if they are happy to receive push notifications – We know that over 90% of users say "yes" – and why wouldn’t they. They've taken the time to download your app because they are interested in your business.

When you use our advanced push engine to send out notifications you can be confident 90% or more of your app users will be reading your marketing messages. Unlike social media posts that get lost in an ever changing feed your message pops up on their home screen and will be seen.

Push messaging your clients can be done in a few different ways.

(i) You can send to all users

(ii) You can put users into groups

(iii) You can even send messages directly to a single user

(iv) Your push can contain a message, image and a link to page within your app or a an external website URL.

Imagine the possibilities!

You can even schedule your push notifications to go out at a set time and date.

Having your own bespoke app on Google Play and the Apple App stores is by far the most cost effective way to market your business and build brand loyalty for your business.

We haven’t re-invented the wheel here. Big brands have been using this technology to build their brands for years. Using our platform, this technology is now affordable for all and you can now easily emulate their success with your very own branded business app.

Any marketing campaign you run via your app, will be fully trackable. This trackability will show you how successful your marketing efforts are.

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