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The Benefits of Digital Consent Forms For Brow Bars

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We live in a world where almost every aspect of our lives is going digital. This is by no means a negative thing because going digital brings with it a wealth of benefits and advantages, especially when it comes to consent forms.

For brow bars, it is vital that you receive consent prior to undertaking work. However, using old-fashioned paper-based consent forms brings with it a wide range of problems.

So, as we move across to digital consent forms, what makes them more beneficial for brow bars?

Seamless Process

Once a customer has signed a digital consent form, they are then added to the system which makes the entire process seamless and efficient. Therefore, technicians can log in to the system and pull up the details of every client, making it possible to identify customers prior to carrying out work.

Makes Working Easy

When clients need to sign a consent form, it would usually require them to sit down with a pen and the form before they complete it. This was an effort for all as it would mean that staff had the need to find the relevant forms as well as a pen. However, when a digital consent form is used, it is a simple case of using a smart device to fill in the form before submitting it.

Reduces Risk

Paper forms had to be completed and then stored safely. Whether they were locked in a drawer or a cupboard, they were still at risk of being stolen, lost, misplaced or damaged in a fire or flood. If this occurred, then it would cause a wide range of problems. However, when a brow bar digital consent form is used, it can be stored online and accessed from anywhere, reducing the risks that were often associated with paper forms.

They Save Space

Every client of a brow bar needs a paper consent form and that had to be stored somewhere. This meant that drawers, cupboards and filing cabinets would become full quickly and that would require more space for storage. In contrast to this, digital consent forms remove the need for any form of storage space other than the space required on their system. In doing this, they can store an almost endless amount of forms on their system without cluttering up their premises.

Save Money

Once the initial digital consent form system has been put in place, it is there ready to use. The initial investment will cost but over time it will save money. It means that staff won’t have to waste time finding forms and pens or helping clients, allowing them to focus on serving customers which in turn helps to increase profits. There is no need to purchase ink or paper any longer, which also adds to the savings.

Simple Archiving

Archiving forms was often a time-consuming task, but a digital consent form makes it possible to archive them efficiently and effectively. What’s more, if they need to be retrieved then that is also a simple process.

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