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Appmonkeys Digital Loyalty System

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

So how can we help when it comes to offering effective loyalty?

Appmonkeys has vast first hand experience working in the retail sector. Our CEO also owns a small Salon group. Most of our features have been tested and fine tuned on his business over a 2 year period, as well as working with other Beta testers in a range of business types. Appmonkeys have developed a simple and easy to use system for both you and your clients.

We tested countless programs out there, by far the most popular and most widely used by small business owners is the now the out of date card and stamp system.

After running the card and stamp system for over 10 years, Simon our CEO has more experience than most and he agrees that as easy as it is to use this approach it also has some down sides.

Paper based system issues

- Lost/Forgotten cards was at top of the list of issues

- The ongoing cost of printing, stampers and ink can become expensive

Our system takes all the best parts of this approach and applies a digital spin on it to enhance client experience and reduce costs.

Digitalised System

- Offer unlimited loyalty cards (never pay for printing again!) Average cost saving to a business is circa £450 per year.

- Add custom images as your stamp (your logo works great for this!) and you don’t have to worry about printing them any more!

- Your loyalty system works from a 4 digit pin on your clients phones or you can have them scan a secure and updatable QR code.

- Full analytics allow you to check the success of your loyalty program. Trackability is key, using our platform you can easily monitor your client behaviour.

- Each client registers on your app. If they change phone or lose it. They simply log in using their new device. They will never loose their loyalty points again, helping to protect the relationship you have with them.

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