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What Are Push Notifications?

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

A push notification is a message that can be sent to you users at anytime. With a read rate of over 90%, you can be sure that your customers are listening to your marketing messages. Whether they are appointment reminders, marketing a new product or service or even just sharing the latest business/industry news.

How easy is it to send them?

Using the Appmonkeys advanced push engine, you can send a notification out in under 60 seconds.

What can be included within them?

Each notification will require a heading, short and engaging. Notification content, keep this to the same size as a Tweet. Don’t give away all the info within the notification, the best way to use notifications is to add a link to a page within your app that holds the content or a customer call to action.

How can they be targeted?

A notification can be targeted in 3 ways.

  • Send to all users

  • Send to specific categories(groups) of users

  • Send to individual users

Did I mention you can also schedule your notifications to go out on a specific date and at a specific time?

How successful are they at increasing engagement?

The answer here is very! Accessing a detailed suite of analytics from the Appmonkeys app management system will allow you to track the success of a particular notification. You can check the app open rate following a notification being sent. You can even see which pages were visited by your users.

Again, trackability is the key. Being able to check the success rate will allow you the opportunity to tweak your notifications to ensure that your users feel as engaged with your app as possible. Increased engagement with your app also means increased engagement with your business.

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