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Amazing Facts About Push Notifications

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Open Rates for Push Notifications – Amazing Facts

Marketers use push notifications as a way of capturing the attention of their customers. When the message appears on the screen of a tablet or smartphone, the user has the urge to open it but of course, it has to be done in a subtle way. Getting it right will increase open rates and will ensure that customers are engaged and stay with you. Here are some facts about push notifications.

Monday is the busiest day

The start of the week is the time when we are focused on the week ahead. Intrinsically, we behave differently at the end of the working week as we begin to wind down for the weekend. Therefore, sending push notifications on a Monday and around lunchtime will ensure that you achieve the best results.

Send them weekly for maximum impact

Customers don’t like to be bombarded with push notifications but if they do not receive them frequently enough then they will simply forget about your business. Therefore, opting to send them out weekly will always ensure that customers remain engaged, it almost becomes habit forming for you and your customers.

The right wording works wonders

To achieve high open rates, the right wording will work and so, those words that are often used in a sale work in the same way with push notifications. Words such as “Get your..” and “Top 5…” are proven to work well, while words such as “Win…” and “Congratulations…” will turn users away as they will be sceptical about winning something.

You save more than just time with notification scheduling

Scheduling notifications will help to ensure that they go out at the desired time, without it detracting from your normal activity. It is possible to create push notification triggers that are set to go out at a scheduled date and time.

Each genre is different

Campaigns that are clearly thought through will enhance customer engagement and retention. Use notifications to ensure that your customers re-visit your app and keep constantly engaged with your business.

What does this all mean?

Essentially, it means that push notifications work when they follow the right set of rules. They have to motivate your customers to open them while they need to ensure that they are not overpowering and let’s not forget that timing is crucial.

Put all of this into action and your push notifications will work in exactly the way that you want them to!

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