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Word of Mouth Marketing Via Social Media

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Word of Mouth, Social Media sharing via an app, digital marketing

We live in a world that has changed completely compared to how it was just twenty years ago, particularly because of the way in which technology has evolved. It is now a pivotal part of our world and we use it to communicate in ways that have never been seen before. We literally have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to communicating, whether that is through email, instant messaging, SMS or Social Media. In fact, the latter has changed the way in which word-of-mouth networking or marketing works.

In years gone by, word-of-mouth was exactly that – someone would tell you about something good they had seen or tried and you would try it and pass on the same message to someone else. It is a simple form of marketing, some would argue that it’s the best form of marketing but does it continue to work and how has the digital revolution changed this marketing approach?

Firstly, yes it does continue to work, but it works in a different way because of the advances in technology. Social Media has brought us all closer together and it has completely altered the way in which we share information. We no longer rely on communicating in person because Social Media enables us to quickly share our thoughts and views in just a few clicks. This method of sharing feedback about your business offers the ability to reach out to a much wider audience. A referral or recommendation by friend or family member gives your content and your product or service a much higher value as it has been shared by someone who is known and trusted. Therefore, Social Media and word-of-mouth marketing really are the cornerstone of marketing.

What makes it so important?

Consumers need to trust their source when it comes to making a buying decision and so, whether your business makes regular posts that can be shared or even if someone passes your details on via a share or a private message then it becomes hugely important.

In fact, 92% of consumers believe suggestions via word-of-mouth more than they do adverts and that proves just how powerful it can be. However, that one referral or share from one person to another does not mean the end of the process. This is because their friends might see it and they might share it and so on. Essentially, word-of-mouth and Social Media is the ideal vehicle that delivers exposure that is perfectly positioned.

Ways of Using word-of-mouth and Social Media

This is all about connecting with users. You might have thousands of followers but you need to form a connection with them that makes them feel wanted and valued. You have to show them how you can benefit them and offer a solution and only then will they begin to use your product and service. Once they have experienced what you offer, they will then feel as though others should benefit and this is where they can share your Social Media profile, article or a specific link to a product or service. The ripple effect of a successful Social Media post or campaign can have a huge effect on your success.

Now imagine having your own app that has a built-in share feature, with just a few clicks your customers have the ability to share not just your contact information but your app with their friends and family. We talked about the effectiveness of push notifications in a previous article. Once your existing customers friends have downloaded your app you will now be able to send these powerful marketing messages to them along with your existing customer base!

The world has become a smaller place almost overnight because of Social Media but that is of huge benefit to you and your business because it makes word-of-mouth and Social Media two useful marketing tools that work together and go hand in hand.

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