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Travelling Millennials | Connect With Their Needs

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Millennials are constantly looking for that next travel experience. An experience that makes it possible to immerse themselves into a new type of culture and way of living for the duration of their trip. Finding their travel arrangements is simple for them but travel agents have to find a way to reach out to them by using the correct marketing techniques and methods. Therefore, having the right focus can make it possible for travel agents to tap into this specific market and get the results they want.

Create content that inspires

Millennials don’t want to be spoken to in a way that feels like it sales driven because if that happens then they will simply walk away. They want stories that are filled with inspiration and stories that will certainly back up their decision to pack up their bags and travel to the far-flung destination of their choosing.

Therefore, the trick is to get them to sell the idea to themselves through clever marketing techniques that can help to plant the seed. Take the focus away from direct marketing and use Facebook posts and social media to get them thinking about their travel plans because this will inspire them to book the trip, believing it was all their own idea.

Deliver an exceptional customer service

This new group of unique individuals want to be amazed and surprised more than any other group that has gone before them. Therefore, customer service sits high on their list of priorities. So, aim to deliver your service in a way that your competitors don’t and make sure that you utilise the skills and knowledge of those around you. Take the experiences that you agents have been through such as the places they have traveled and then share their experiences of the place, ranging from tourist hotspots to bars and restaurants. This kind of information will have to found by them and that will take time but by giving them this information, they will trust you even more.

Make use of an app

We all know just how tech-savvy millennials are and they are constantly on their smartphone or tablet, which is great news for you. This enables you to use your app or create an app that targets them with news and offers of destinations that they might consider while they can find out prices and even speak with a trusted agent. All of this puts them in direct contact with you and that will make them feel valued in every way.

Focus on their specific community

Identifying where this group of exciting and adventurous individuals go is one way of networking with them. Becoming part of their group or collective will enable you to think about things from their perspective. Consider looking at music festivals, coffee shops but also consider their professions and where they are likely to go to meet.

Utilise social media

Social media is at the centre of everything these days and it is no different in this instance. Capturing the attention and imagination of this audience can be done through an online campaign on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This will create brand awareness that can help to highlight your brand, improve your credibility and make your ideas and efforts work better for you. Therefore, sharing information about new hotels, new destinations and such, making it look and feel as though you are the place to go for all of this “inside” information will certainly grab the attention of millennials.

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